Friday, March 24, 2006

Lecture IX

1) ". . . according to the saying, No man shall see My face and live (Exod. xxxiii. 20). For this cause God of His great loving-kindness spread out the ehaven as a veil of His proper Godhead, that we should not perish." I thought this was not only a wonderful insight but a great argument against religous camps who belive the temporal is evil. Not does Scripture affirm that the created order is good (Genesis creation story), but Cyril seems to be arguing here that it is good in that it acts as a veil. What a blessing indeed. If man trembles merely at the sight of the likeness of His glory, as Cyril points out, how more so if confronted with God; surely we would die. However, we do have a mediator-Jesus Christ (divine/human).
2) I belive it is important to remember, as prompted by Cyril, that To scrutinise then the nature of God is impossible: but it is in our power to send up praises of His glory for His works that are seen. We see God's glory. The challenge for us is this--are we actually sending up praises to God? or are we complaining? or . . .?
3) Lexture IX.15--The members then are not the cause of sin, but they who use their members amiss: and the Maker thereof is wise. It was wise that God create man with freedom of choice. In light of that, if it is wise for man to choose, we really ought to begin to choose wisely. The members are not the cause the sin--it is the indivdiual who is using amiss what was wisely crafted. This reminds me of what I talked about last week-how we hold dinginty, for we too are called faithful. Why do we go amiss? It would seem that our minds and hearts have not been renewed and transformed. Pray, pray, pray for such things; remember to praise God too.


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