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paragraph 1-"The root of all good works is th hope of the resurrection...For every labourer is ready to endure the toils, if he sees their reward in prospect; but when men weary themselves for nought, their heart soon sinks as well as their bodies." I fear that often I loose sight of this in my heart. Sure it is easy to say i believe in the resurrection. Yet I do not find that I put much passion behind this claim. And it ought to hold much, for it is something great indeed. I get cought up in so many short term goals that it clutters this longterm sight of hope in the ressurrection. The hope of heaven. And then I wonder why I often feel so unmotivated. Not that I think that doing good things on earth for the sake of individual rewards in heaven is right. For Paul who by that standard ought to be excited for he did much good, instead counts all that at loss in comparisson and forgets what is behind to strain ahead towards the goal. Why does this hope in resurrection not drive me so. I need to keep this in perspective. I ought to spend time meditating on this hope and let it soak into my soul. This passion can be powerful and not tapping into such excitement would be waste. This hope also brings with it a caution, "every soul believing in a resurrection is naturally careful of his robe." This is another aspect that gets lost when heaven gets shoved aside for things of this world. For that all to often, yet never told enough question-if today was the last would my soul be at peace? also has a motivating power that is often unused. I wonder what it will be like. I don't know if one could really feal dissapointed in himself in letting the Father down by not doing good on earth and still recieve heaven. For they would not likely fall under the 'well done my good and faithfull servants.' And i forget where exactly im going, but i just really wanted to point out that i really liked the openning of this lecture and I feel i need to take this hope to heart more than it is now.


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Thanks for your honesty and challenge. Dan, I believe I am at the same place you are--perhaps we will be able to spur one another on, meditating upon the passion of Christ, etc. During this tide of Easter hopefully we will be drawn closer and closer to Christ, as we begin to think towards advent, and then again towards the Easter season next year.

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