Friday, April 21, 2006


Just a couple things that were put from a different perspective than I have heard before.

XXI-2."AS He was annointed with an ideal oil of gladness, that is, with the Holy Ghost, called the oil of gladness, because He is the author of spiritual gladness, so ye were annointed with oitment, having been made partakers and fellows of Christ."
How much author of gladness writing in my life? And why do I expect earthly forgeries to suffice for filling the pages of my life? I love how Cyril points out all these little reminders throughout that put things in a slightly new veiw for me.

XXIII-14.-"So then in effect thou meanest this by thy prayer, 'as in the Angles Thy will is done, so likewise be it done on earth in me, O Lord.'"
Never heard it put like that before. I am not certain what all is implied by this, but it interesting to think of. "Thy will be done as in heaven so on earth" takes on a whole new light for me as it is put as meaning we are to carry out this will, not jsut asking for God to do it. More affirming what we ought to do instead.


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